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Board of Directors


Mr Khalid Shareef Al Emadi has worked for large oil and gas companies such as Exxon Mobil and is currently the Group CEO for Al Shareef Holdings, and CEO of Khalid Shareef Al Emadi Company & Jneb. Holding a degree in Electrical Engineering, and an MBA from the University of Texas and Tulane in the United States, Mr Khalid Shareef negotiated multinational deals with governments on behalf of Exxon Mobil during his tenure there. A firm believer in adaptability, Mr Khalid Shareef has shaped Al Shareef Holdings to overcome the challenges faced by companies in today’s increasingly globalized economy. Under his leadership, Al Shareef Holdings enjoyed rapid profit growth.


Mr Khalefa is a Director at Cleopatra Travel and has actively expanded the business across Qatar in the last decade, including the appointment as a General Sales Agent for a Nepal-China joint venture, Himalayan Airlines. He is also deeply involved with his family real estate business and has increased the company’s rental revenues threefold in the last five years through strategic project development and enhanced property management.  


Mr Roy Chiang has over 30 years of leadership and general management experience in the maintenance of large complexes of buildings and other infrastructure. Appointed as one of the Directors, he will provide focus, direction and consistency of the core business. He is also the CEO/President of CBM Pte Ltd in Singapore.

CBM Qatar nurtures its highly skilled and qualified people to be the best in the industry to provide clients with a whole-life solution. CBM Qatar’s qualified professionals operate and provide high quality performance for any built property.

CBM Qatar recognises that its staff is its biggest asset and, therefore, places great emphasis on its employment and career development to bring the best out of individuals and assist them in their work-life. Our approach is to ensure that our staff are constantly up-to-date with the latest skills and technology in the industry.

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Mr. Lee Liang Huat has more than 18 years of leadership and managerial experience in handling large-scale integrated projects, both locally and in the Middle East. Appointed as another of the Directors, Mr. Lee will be providing guidance in the operational and strategic growth of the company. Concurrently, Mr. Lee is the Vice President, Head of Integrated Facilities Services (IFS) Division of CBM Pte Ltd in Singapore.